Sunday, 3 February 2013

"The Lost Boys" or Vapnartak 2013.

Can anybody explain how,a fully trained advanced driver and ex traffic cop,aided and abetted by an experienced trans-continental and international lorry driver,could miss the "effing" turn off for York on the A1??????
However I did promise not to mention the "cock-up" too much,and I am too much of a gentleman to mention names,so your secret is safe with me GRAHAM and BRIAN.

Well we did eventually get to Vapnartak,and were greeted with great friendliness by the "front of house" team,one of whom obviously got carried away with my uncanny likeness to Tom Cruise,and issued me with Two Tickets!! However because of my advanced years I got in for free,which in my book is a definite tick in the right box.

The show itself seemed bigger than last year,and the number of traders seemed to have grown too,certainly something for everybody.The spending "frenzy" started as soon as we got through the door,with most of us buying paintbrushes and paints-always a good sign that lots of figures will be appearing soon.

Brian and I bought some plastic Marlburian figures,whilst Dave bought some Great Northern War figures from Border Reiver.All of the traders were friendly,the clubs putting on the various games had time to talk to us,and the bar and cafe was doing a "roaring" trade,all in all a good show once again and the organisers should be congratulated.

The first photo shows the 40mm Prince August game put on by Mark,and his "crew",very nice "Old School" wargaming.

Trying to keep Brian in check is always difficult,here he is showing us his plums again!!

We should have tried harder to keep them away from the bar! Graham and his son Richard enjoying lunch,I think Graham should have been studying a map of how to get back home,but I promised not to mention that!

The above shots are of just a few of the games presented,lovely figures,good terrain,and alot of imagination,well done to all of you.

I don't know whether to send this photo to OK magazine or Crime Stoppers! Rumbling Guns Duo of Garry and his lovely wife,but who forgot to pack the catalogues ?????????

The above shot shows how not to do it,what a bloody mess,this was taken in the competition area,and shows a real lack of respect for visitors and the event organisers.

This is a parting shot,showing a good overall view of the show,and of course Brian "lurking" outside the toilets....what more can be said?
Seriously, we all enjoyed our day out,had a few laughs,spent a bit of cash,whay more could you want ??

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