Monday, 25 February 2013

Painting update

A strange thing happened on Sunday night,we didn't play,because I had to report sick !!

So instead of the usual game report,I will update you on my "project" of the French and Indian war. I have almost completed all of the figures,including canoes and crews,and took some photo's last week.

This is a "company" of Rangers,I am using 12 figures to a company and will have 8 companies in total.All the figures I have used are from Warrior Miniatures,except the canoes,that are from Irregular Miniatures,however I have had to use Warrior figs. for the crews as the Irregular crews are ridiculously small and way out of scale-ho hum !!

This is a "war Party" of ,again 12 figures,I have included a couple of "Courrer de Bois" ie. backwoodsmen in the war parties.
I painted the figures in my usual fast (crap!) way and then varnished them with a quick-drying Mahogany varnish to give them that "ruddy" glow,the Rangers were varnished using a Matt varnish.

This shows a "base" of Indians,I went to town a bit with the war paint,but followed colours from the excellent book "tomahawk and Musket"

A company of Rangers emerging from the woods,with a bit of activity going on in the background!!

Rangers paddling their own canoe.The canoe model is quite strange,in that it doesn't have a bottom to it,however I easily overcame this by cutting a small piece of card to fit.

Indians,also paddling their own canoe!! I have 3 Ranger canoes and 3 Indian canoes,I was tempted to get more,but I have been known to get carried away,and I don't want "fleet actions" on the Canadian Lakes !!

The Ranger figures come with 2 different  styles of headgear,Glengarry caps and Tams,here I have painted a whole company wearing Tams,but with the rest I have mixed the hats up.

Here I have shown a couple of War Parties attacking, a fine bunch of chaps !
I am looking forward to dreaming up some scenarios,including ambushes,raids on forts,settlements,and villages.

My inspiration comes from these two books,great text and great illustrations,I've got to get them on the board now.

Hopefully I'll be fit enough to wargame on Wednesday,Thursday and next Sunday.

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