Thursday, 21 February 2013

Napoleonic peninsularr game,vs Brian 21.2.13.

Brian and I had an interesting game this morning,basically he was in command of a French force tasked with storming a convent,through a pass, and relieving it of its gold and religious relics. Defending the convent were a Spanish infantry regiment,backed up by a band of Guerrilos and a horse art. battery. Also,but unknown to Brian,the convent housed a regiment of British Rifles!! Coming onto the board was a force of British,to assist the convent defenders.

This is my force of British troops,including a rocket troop (why did I bother putting this infernal contraption on the board??)

The convent,and defenders,this was situated up a narrow pass,which was the only access,and proved to be quite difficult to the French.

This shows the "Princessa regiment,in a farmhouse guarding the approach to the pass,these troops were successful in keeping the French at bay for a while,then were driven away by Brian's Westphalian infantry!

This is the French starting point,they had Dragoons,Hussars,foot art. and horse art,and of course infantry.Brian had to attack the relieving force of British,and also capture the pass and convent,no mean task,but,cometh the hour,cometh the man!!

Battle is joined! Brian brought forward his Dragoons in grand style,and my horse artillery and light dragoons saw him off in grand style!!

Meanwhile back at the pass,a furious assault is being launched against my Guerrilos and artillery,as well as against the infantry in the farmhouse.

My Princessa regiment coping with the French attack,and actually driving the first "wave" back,however Brian was determined to take this farm,and sent more and more trops to the attack,and was eventually successful!

Action on my right flank,my infantry are advancing,but,on being threatened by cavalry,my rocket troop decided to "assist" I missed with the first shot,but was quietly confident that I could eventually hit,and drive away, Brian's cavalry.

Brian brought up his foot artillery,and shot my light dragoons,I then charged his guns,and,despite being cannistered,put his gunners to flight,hurrah,the flank has been saved (or has it?)

Oh dear!! the Princessa reg't has been defeated in melee, and is in the process of "leaving the building,very much like Elvis"

All hell is let loose on my right flank,I am being pressed everywhere,just behind the "rock" you can see my Spanish dragoons being Slaughtered,and my infantry forced into square,with Brian bringing up his Hussars,I am in trouble!!

My rocket troop is idealy placed to "smite" the enemy,all I need to throw,on the dice,is anything but a "9",as this will blow the bloody thing up !! As you can see from the photo,I threw "9" much to the amusement of Brian,who did not gloat (much!!)

Brian's troops have driven the Guerrilos back,and I have had to "expose" my riflemen,however,with no support able to reach me from the rest of the British contingent,I was forced to capitulate!!
Tremendous game,all action,from move number one to the last move,couldn't have asked for a better way to spend a Thursday morning,roll on Sunday,Brian has come up with a challenging scenario,so let me know in good time if you can make it (Graham,Richard, Dave and Paul)

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