Friday, 8 February 2013

The Archean Pass,Greeks vs Persians. 7.2.13.

Two thing happened last night.we had an excellent game and we were joined by a new duo(more of them later)

The game was designed to be a real test of brotherly love and co-operation between a Band of Spartans,stuck out on a limb,and a "relief force" of Hoplites,of course the Persians had to try and stop them linking up.
I was the Persian king,Brian was the Spartan king and Paul was in charge of the relief force (League) hoplites.

This is the scenario,both sides wrote out their respective battle plans,and the game commenced.

This shot shows the general layout of the table,and in particular the Spartan "situation".
My plan was to attack the Spartans,alternatively with Bows,and charges with my heavy infantry,initially this worked quite well,and I managed to weaken a couple of Spartan units.

This photo shows Paul's force in the pass,he had 11 units of good hoplites,a couple of cavalry units and two archer units.Paul's plan was to use the outside column to form against my advancing axemen and cavalry,whilst the inside column would come to the assistance of the Spartans.

My Persians can be seen attacking all three sides of Brian's position,his Spartans had very good morale and fighting points,and I was pushed back along the whole front,however my archer units then took over and inflicted just enough casualties to make two of the next charges I had,equal,and I had success at last,but would it continue,would Little Big Horn become Rorke's Drift ??

My cavalry are moving against Paul's cavalry,I had the upper hand,with three units against his two,should have been a "walk over" however he held,and then beat my right hand unit,whilst I beat his right hand unit,touch and go stuff!!

The Spartan position has been penetrated!! only one unit, but this could be the end of the Spartans (who really believes this ?)

Paul's columns are making steady progress up the board,however my axemen are just about to stop his movement.......

Clash!! I was a bit mad to instigate this charge,but I managed to hold on against the hoplites,and actually won one melee,I then supported my front rank and began to push Paul's troops back,until he reinforced his front line,and my axemen decided to call it a day and go back home !!

This shows the general situation in the centre of the board,this was good old fashioned wargaming with common sense and a bit of give and take from both sides.

This shot shows the progress that Paul's troops have made,they are within a whisker of linking up with Brian's Spartans, and are now threatening my flank.

Paul's attack begins in earnest,I am being put under pressure along my whole line,will I be able to hold on??
It was at this point that Brian decided to "charge" from his hill position and swept almost all of my troops back.

I did say "almost all of my troops,I did manage to force these two Spartan units back to the Mountain area! Hooray,but it was my only success!!

This is the final shot,the Spartans have pushed me back,Paul's hoplites are giving my "Immortals" a good bashing and so I decided to call myself the "loser"

This was a tremendous game,nip and tuck for along while,and,even though I say it myself,a good scenario.

Now onto the new members,when you think of famous duo's,who do you think of ? Morcambe and Wise,Torville and Dean,Burke and Hare,Roy Rodgers and Trigger,well now there's some new kids on the block.......Introducing........

THE SMUG BROTHERS !!! don't you just hate it when people GLOAT ??

Roll on Sunday,refight of Naseby 1645 (Lads please note that's not quarter to five !!)

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