Monday, 8 July 2013

Battle of Alexandria 320 BC

This is the second battle,as reported last week,all chores successfully completed and wife quite happy!!

This is the general scenario and troop layout,I took the part of Ptolemy,whilst Paul and Brian took the part of Selucus (and son!!)

Now here's a town worth fighting for! My phalanx looks formidable,and of course the dreaded Elephants!!

This shows most of my army,and the next photo shows Paul and Brian's,we managed to come up with identical battle plans,which led to a real tussle,with both sides having "ups" and "downs"

The battle started at a furious pace,with both sides charging on the flanks and centre,with both phalanxes just observing for the time being!

THis is my right flank heavy cavalry taking on Paul's,I had initial success,but then Paul got the upper hand and drove me back and back!!In the background you can see the elephants getting to grips,my light infantry supporting troops have pushed Paul's back,and he has won the elephant melee.Meanwhile on the far flank,Brian and I both charged with our light cavalry and supporting spearmen!!

This is my left flank,vs Brian,he managed to give me a damned good thrashing on this side of the board,pushing me back,however I did have a reserve to assist,they rushed into the fray,only to be given a damned good thrashing too!!!!

Paul's elephants are advancing after beating my elephants (see dead elephants) in case any little children are reading this,no elephants were hurt during the making of this game!!

Paul,wisely,retired his elephants,and the phalanxes were set to charge each other-awesome stuff!!

CRASH!! the phalanxes meet,the table was groaning with the weight of figures and both Paul and I were groaning at our dice throws!! However,as both my flanks were looking "frail" I was in a most dis-advantageous position,only a miracle dice throw could save me now!!- and then Brian killed my phalanx commander!!! oh how I laughed!! Luckily Ptolemy was on hand to stop the whole phalanx from breaking up and running away (retiring)

A small bit of brightness in the gloom of battle,I have managed to surround Paul's heavy cavalry,however he mounted a counter attack with his elephants and some light troops,and coupled to a most fearsome charge on the extreme flank,I was lost !!

Brian looks "grim" in this shot,he eventually won his flank too,and turned on the exposed flank of my phalanx,all was lost,oh woe is me!!

Final shot,my phalanx has retired,trying to protect my flanks,but to no avail,Paul and Brian were worthy winners,and it must be noted that both sides were guilty of "gloating" during the game,with one little person actually doing a kind of victory dance half way through the battle(me!!)
Great game,lots of laughs and tension,well done all!

In the last blog I mentioned that Brian had painted some Lancashire Games German Warbands,here are a few photo's of them,I think they look great!

Just another six to go,plus cavalry and archers,can't wait to get my Romans stuck into them!!

Roll on Thursday,another game possibly,and I officially become an O.A.P.!!


  1. Great looking game boys! wish I could have been there. Brians Germans look very nice too!

    1. Who are you??You're not the Dave who used to come to our wargames group are you??
      Please send photo so we don't forget you!!

  2. Those Phalanges look fearsome! Do you still have a rule about the unpredictability of the elephants when they have a panic attack? Just finished reading Arrian re: campaign against Poros etc.

    1. Hi Ian,good to hear from you again,Yes we have those rules on Elephants running amok and destroying all the best laid plans etc.good fun though!!