Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Painting update.

Today I've finished the last of the figures I bought at Falkirk show,from Lancashire Games, so thought I'd take a few photo's to show you how they've come out.

I'm pleased with the way they look,they were easy to paint,and of course you can "go to town" with the colours,shield designs etc, a very colourful bunch they make!
The service from Allan at Lancashire games was great,very fast and efficient,and best of all,fun to deal with,a credit to his trade!
When I received the figures they were "flashless!",the only slight moan I would have is that some of the bases weren't cast properly,but a bit of super-glue and a pair of pliers put them right in no time.
I have 24 Sarmatian cavalry,16 Archers and 16 Fanatics,hidden away somewhere in my house (I've looked all over but my wife has hidden them very well indeed,until my birthday next week!!)
and I'll get a start on them probably by Friday next.
Brian has been painting some German Tribesmen (also from Lancashire Games) and I'll get some photo's taken by the weekend and put them on the blog too.
Come on Paul,where's the Seven Years war Austrians??


  1. That's a lot of painting in less than two months - well done that man!

    1. Thanks for comment,I have alot more time than most people to do as much painting as I can-retirement's great!!
      Look out for Brian's Germans,and the rest of my Dacians in the next couple of blogs,keep reading!!