Friday, 5 July 2013

English Civil War game.4.7.13.

It's two game Thursday again! My first game was an E.C.W. game vs Allan and Brian,and the second was an Ancients game,at night vs Brian and Paul,however I will relate the E.C.W. game first and leave the Ancients game for later when the lawn is mowed and the hedges cut and the backyard tidied,dishes washed etc. etc.

This shot is taken behind Allan's and Brian's positions,and shows their dispositions and mine (I was attacking across the stream,and had to capture the village!!

My attack is just starting,I put my best troops on this side of the board,and pushed forward,the Black-flagged regiment behind the fence to the right,was Ballard's Foot,and caused me no end of bother,I just could not shift them even though I was "elite" status and they were "raw" !!

This photo shows my attack,on both flanks,in full swing,with cavalry moving up in support of my infantry.In the background you can see the Parliamentarian reserves moving into position,these were well used by Brian and Allan,and ultimately cost me the game!!

This is a shot from Allan's flank,my infantry are making heavy weather of getting to grips with the Royalists,this did not auger well!

At last I have breached Allan's defences,and crossed the stream,also on the other flank,I have crossed but come under a counter-attack from Brian's cavalry-HELP!!

After a long and hard struggle,both of my flank attacks are being knocked back,and Brian and Allan were just about to "gloat" over my demise,so we called it a day,and I was defeated,again!!

This was a good game,good tactics,and a good scenario,giving problems to both sides

I will report the second game later on,maybe even next week,or when I can get a moment to myself!!!-hope the wife doesn't read this!

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