Friday, 12 July 2013

Battle of Fowey 1708

Brian,Richard and I had a very tricky game last night,I was defending a village,redoubt and town,against the terrible twins of Brian and Richard-see last blog for details of terrain etc.

This is the scenario,both Brian and Richard were given notes detailing their forces and initial objectives.

From the very first move there was action,Brian attacked,with gusto, the village,and with 2 against 1 I was in trouble! In the centre,Brian had decided to delay his attack until the flank was secure and Richard had arrived (move 3)
I pushed my right flank cavalry forward in a feint move to distract Brian's gunners from hitting the redoubt,and this was a resounding success,resulting in me actually capturing his gun!!

My defending infantry have been pushed back from the hedge in the village,and Brian is about to occupy the village.His cavalry are moving forward but my well-placed gun is about to do him some damage.

This is as shot of my "Marines" landing in the town,just in time because Richard's troops are making their presence felt!! he has attacked my returning cavalry,and is forming line ready to put me under pressure in the town,which was being held by Raw troops.

Richard's attack is beginning in earnest!although I'm not quite sure where the rest of his infantry are going!!
The fire-fight went on for a couple of moves with Richard getting the better of me,and eventually forcing the defenders to retire.

Meanwhile,on the village flank,a tremendous cavalry battle developed,swinging both ways,however numbers began to tell,and Brian enveloped one of my regiments,and I decided to pull the other one back out of trouble.Brian then advanced his troops out of the captured village,and towards the redoubt.where my Irish defenders were being "idle"

"Idle" troops,what a waste!! you could almost see the tumble weed blowing between the lines! this is very un-characteristic of Brian,and very worrying for me-I was panic stricken wondering what the hell he was up to!!

Oh my God,Action!!Brian finally decided that his flanks were secure and that an advance was called for,resulting in a good combined fire-fight against the redoubt,my gun,firing cannister,did some damage,but my Irish defenders were magnificent,and saw off the attackers.Back in the town  the King was approaching the ship with haste,would he get away?

Richard looks pleased with himself in this shot (almost gloating!) as his whole line is attacking both the town and the redoubt,however the king is now aboard the ship,and the tide has turned and the wind is fair in the sails (and any other nautical crap I can think of!!)

With the King gone on his cruise,and the redoubt still being firmly held,the allies decided that the game was lost and that I was the winner-hurrah!!
The terrain and objectives made this a very interesting and challenging game,but enjoyable,Richard and Brian,are you sure you didn't let me win just because it's...........


Roll on Sunday,an Ancients game using the same terrain,but Romans defending against Barbarian hordes.

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