Monday, 15 July 2013

Battle of "Arab Town" 60AD

Last night,Brian,Paul,Richard ,Graham and I had a fairly large ancients game,using virtually the same terrain as Thursday's game.

The scenario,each commander formulated his own battle plan,Graham was commanding the Auxilliary units,Richard commanded the Legionaries,and Brian,Paul and I were Barbarian commanders.

A general shot of the board,Graham's troops in the fort and behind the redoubt,Richard coming out of the town,and Paul (right flank) Brian (centre) and me on the far left flank,all waiting to attack!!

My attack has started,against Richards leading cohorts,I elected to use my chariots,initially, as a skirmishing force,weakened a couple of cohorts,and then charged in with my warbands!!

Brian's first wave of warbands were cut up a bit from Graham's bolt throwers and archers,however he did manage to get to the walls of the redoubt,and was successful on his left (shown nearest the camera!) A fierce fight took place along the whole of this position,this was going to be tricky!!

This is Paul's first attack against the well-defended fort,he "bounced" the first time,but persisted,and eventually captured the fort,swept over the pallisade,and attacked Graham with "gusto" at the back of the fort!! Will the cavalry ever get engaged??

Fighting can be seen here along the whole lines,some pretty grim faces too!!come on boys,it's only a game!!
Richard's cohorts are awaiting the chariots to get out of the way,and my warbands to get stuck in.

Paul has captured the fort!! hurrah,will the cavalry ever get engaged??

Brian is just about to get over the redoubt wall in this shot,Graham,in despertation,had to get his archers involved in hand-to hand combat,thrilling stuff.

In this photo,Richard is fighting for his life!! I have penetrated his line,and am pushing him back,he very wisely brought out the cohorts he had in the town to stabilise the position,but was it going to be too late??

This shows the situation on Paul's flank,the fort is captured-job done! The cavalry are lurking behind the trees,will they ever get engaged??

YES!!!! and how,both sides charged,and crashed into each other,Paul winning one melee,then Graham winning another!! Paul backed his cavalry up with a warband,and this swung the situation in his favour,winning another melee,and pushing the Romans back.
Meanwhile in the centre,Brian had done a stirling job of beating the defenders back from the redoubt walls,and was in the process of helping me out,when the Romans decided they had had enough and capitulated!!

This is the final shot,showing Richard's demoralised troops being attacked again,just prior to them being marched back into the town!!

This was a hard fought game,full of tension and fun,everyone played their part,roll on the next game!!

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