Tuesday, 9 July 2013

How I go about planning a game.9.7.13.

Last week Paul suggested I do a blog on how I plan and organise a game,so here goes....
I always start with a "germ" of an idea,this battle (to be fought on Thursday night) is based around the Battle of Lostwithiel in the English Civil War.
I drew a very rough map of what I wanted the terrain to look like,added a few notes and troop dispositions (changeable!!) worked out the number of troops I needed,and away we go!!

Very,very rough sketch of how I wanted the terrain to look,dispositions,and even members to command!

Notes and info. needed to make the game work. I always plan my games so that neither side is at a dis-advantage in numbers or position.

Terrain,from the map is put onto the board,making sure that gaps between features is condusive to the length of our units in line,also I make sure that ,in this case,the attackers start a certain distance from the board edge so that a fast game ensues,and that we have a bit of action,or manoeuvre from move one!

The above photo's show the distances being measured,so that our units fit neatly into the terrain etc.

First troops on the board,Irish defending the redoubt,note how the distance between the ends of the redoubt take 4 regiments and a gun.

The town is now "occupied",I have placed the required troops in the other village,along with some cavalry(very important to balance the troops)

The attackers are now in place,and it has been calculated that within 2 moves the small village will be under attack,and the main body will be moving towards the redoubt,whilst on the far flank,the troops there will start to move on move number 3,looking for all the world like a co-ordinated plan!!

This is another "planning" shot showing how I use the Artillery measuring stick to show how far the attackers can move before they are subjected to gun fire.

The flank force,arriving on move three,is shown here with cavalry "lurking" to give them a brisk welcome!!

All of the troops are in position,before the game I always write out the order sheets,prepare the measuring sticks and dice,and clip the Battle Plan sheets to the clip-boards,then the "boys" arrive,and all my planning goes out of the window!!!-not really,most (but not all) of the games go well,and are enjoyed by all members.
So, a piece of self-indulgence of a blog,but I hope you've found it interesting,and maybe prompt you to try and plan a game yourselves.
Roll on Thursday.

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