Monday, 29 July 2013

Marlburian Game 28.7.13.

Last night saw Graham,Paul,Brian and I have a "cracking" game,based on a French attack against a village and open ground defended by an Allied Army.

This is the table set up with Graham defending the village on the right of the stream,with a British contingent,and being attacked by Brian and his Bavarians,in the centre,Paul is facing me with a large French force,supported on the far left flank with some Irish troops,my Austrians are facing the Irish,and a combination of Prussian and Dutch troops completes my dispositions.

The Austrians and Irish are moving forward to deny each other this important flank,whilst the Allied centre moves slowly forward supported by a gun battery.Brian is locked in thought!!

The attack on the village is in full swing here,Graham is forming a defensive line,allowing as manu muskets to bear as possible,and preparing to fire cannister at whatever comes over the stream.Brian attacked in grand style,but could make no head way into the village for all of the game,however his troops did manage to hget over the stream and attack the main British line.

This shows the village under attack,Graham has pulled back slightly so his flank is protected.Even though the British regiment defending the village was shot to bits,it remained steadfast and would not retire.

My front line is advancing here,and putting Paul under considerable pressure,he had decided to march his second line of infantry off to help Brian's Bavarians,as I made my attack,and swiftly had to change his orders.On the right of this photo my Austrians are being "checked" by a combination of cannister and muskets!!

The Irish and Austrians fight it out with muskets at the "gap", neither side had the upper hand,my morale held,and this was always going to be a "stalemate" and so it remained until the end of the game.

This shot shows the overall action along the whole table,Brian and Graham look intense!
With no side gaining any advantage,the result was going to be a "draw",but there's always one last effort to be made.

A last push by both sides,however to no avail!! With the village of the "damned" still being fought over,a stalemate in the centre and far right flank,the game was declared a draw,and rightly too!!
this was a good game,with alot of thought going into the respective battle plans-excellent stuff!!

Graham brought alond some of the figures he is painting for himself,Perry figures of Brunswick troops,here is a selection to "drool" over...

We hope to see these and many more on the table shortly.

roll on Thursday,when Brian and I will be playing through the day only,and not at night with Paul,who is on his holidays for the next two weeks.

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