Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Painting Update.

We didn't have our usual group game on Sunday,so I thought I would up date you all on our painting progress instead of the usual game report.
I am on the last leg of my Dacians from Lancashire games,with three units of Sarmatian cavalry.

I have shown the stages I go through,like everyone else! the first photo shows the figures on their painting bases,the second photo shows them undercoated (white),the third almost completed,and of course the fourth photo is the completed unit.
The figures themselves are very good,no flash etc. the only "grouse" I have is that some of the bases have not been caste properly,and some care had to be taken not to snap the horses legs when straightening them out,however this is minor taking the whole figure into consideration.

Brian,as usual,is painting for England,his output rivals mine! He has been painting Germans from Lancashire games,and some plastic 18th century Hesse infantry.
On his German cavalry he has painted teeth on the horses!! However I have painted teeth on the Sarmatian cavalry riders,what next I wonder,although Brian has hinted he is working on a colour for "ear-wax!!!"

The cavalry are full of action,can't wait to see them up against my Prince August Romans!
The Hesse infantry are superb,the colour is Indigo Blue,and the facings really stand out,Brian has one more regiment to paint,with Yellow facings,now that will be colouful!!

One last shot,of my Dacian King (Decebalus) mounted on a piece of slate,compleste with horn blower and standard.

Paul is working on his 7 years war infantry,and Dave is working on his Napoleonics and Tipoo Sultan figures (can't think what happened to the Great Northern War !!) and everything else he can get his hands on,Graham is painting WW2 stuff and Dutch-Belgians,and of course his on-going painting for Michael.

Well roll on Thursday,possibly 2 games,Greeks vs Persians.

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