Thursday, 6 February 2014

Sailing Ships

What is it about Sailing Ships that makes everyone want to say"Arr Jim Lad" and crack jokes about Roger the Cabin Boy??
Well on Sunday gone(I've been having trouble with my computer,hence the delay to this blog) we had a game using my Sailing Ships (Arr Jim Lad-there I go again!!) rules and my large scale ships.
If nothing else we had a good laugh,but very little nautical skill was used!!-How did three ships manage to "crash" into each other,on an open ocean-which I must point out was very GREEN on Sunday,and how did Brian manage to sail off the edge of the world,not once,but twice!!!
Any way,here are some photographs......

All action,in this shot,all 6 ships blasting away at each other-I told you the sea was particularly GREEN that day!!

The French first rater is taken one in the rear (OOH ER!!) in this shot.

Everyone got involved in the two games we had,this shot shows Richard and Brian having a go!!

We even had a "boarding" taking place!!
To show that we take our games very seriously,I will show one last photo...........

OMG!!-eat your heart out Captain Sparrow-scary or what??

Roll on Thursday-Ancients with Paul and Brian.


  1. I dont know you take the time to memorise and share a good old Navy Poem and it gets not one mention "Whats a Man got to do"

    1. What about you enticing folk to look for siver coins?
      Kept that quiet matey!!