Friday, 13 June 2014

7 Years War First Battle.

Last night we had out first 7YW battle involving Prussians(who else?) Russians and a few Austrians.
Paul has done some research on the Austrians and I have done some research on the Prussians and Russians,however we disagree on the main items,mainly movement and firing rates!
But for the sake of the game last night we agreed to disagree,and fought what turned out to be quite a good game,for our first attempt-no doubt more will follow!!

This shows the general layout of the terrain,with Prussians on the left and Russians on the right,Paul's newly painted Austrians are behind the hill to the right,but would make a dramatic appearance,and assault the farmhouse!!

Apart from being a good photo of Brian's arm(makes a change from Paul's!!) this is the left of the Prussian line,both sets of Dragoons are attacking each other,whilst the infantry fire-fight it out.

In the centre the Russians are moving forward,combined with a cuirassier attack-this looks horrid!!-for the Prussians!

The Austrians make their attack,and a fine looking bunch they are too!!-my newly painted Hussars are "lurking" in the background,and in the foreground!!

After an initial success against the walls of the farm,the Prussians finally got their fighting "mettle" up and repulsed the Austrians who "retired" (wargaming terminology for ran away!!)

The Russian Hussars,who sadly didn't figure in the battle,but I thought I would take a photo of them anyway!!

This shows the centre in full blaze! a combination of cannister and musket fire saw off all the regiments sent against me! However things were not going too well on my left-Brian's Dragoons beat mine and sent them packing,and his infantry were in the process of giving me a bloody nose!

Bloody nose being given!!-However with the centre and right under Prussian control,and a still uncommitted reserve brigade(!!)I was declared the winner.
This is going to be a very interesting period to fight,full of colour and movement.Roll on Sunday.

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