Thursday, 5 June 2014

Battle of Trinkitat-Sudan.Campaign game

This morning,Brian and I had our third Sudanese Campaign game-Brian had retreated to the town of Trinkitat,after having been beaten in the last game,where he occupied the town,leaving his Egyptian Allies out on a limb in a very vulnerable position!!

This shows the initial layout of terrain and troops-the Gun Boat was no other than the "Good Ship Venus" about to have its Maiden Voyage and Battle.My plan was to attack the town and the camp,and, when I saw where Brian had placed most of his troops,to support the attacks!!

My right flank troops can be seen here attacking the town-Brian had put almost all of his troops in the town,and I could see that this was a mistake,as he couldn't use all his fire-power,so I ordered the Haddendowah,sheltering behind the main ridge,to attack and support as necessary-hurrah!!

The "Venus" open fires-and misses!!-hurrah again!!-what a finely crafted model. In the background you can see the Dervish hordes descending on the Egyptian camp-you could hear their knees knocking from a mile away!!

The cry went up "We're coming to get you!!",and so they did-their orders were to attack the camp and burn it-simple but very effective!!

My first line hits the walls of the town-Brian had,somehow,retired his Camel Corps over the walls!!-exactly how he managed to lift his camels over the walls,left a lot to the imagination!!!
However,I was successful,at first,but the initial fire into my ranks had caused a bit of damage,and I was eventually beaten back!

The Egyptian camp is ablaze,and the next move saw them retiring at a rate of knots,out of the camp-hurrah,hurrah!!

Meanwhile,back at the town,things are not going terribly well!-Brian has actually brought some troops out,and is forming a sort of firing line,trying to stem the flow of Haddendowah central line.
The "Venus" had now got her range and was inflicting casualties on my flank,and driving the troops there,back to their starting positions!!

It's all over!!My central attack has been stopped,I have failed to get into the town,in any significant numbers,and the Dervish hordes are busy "eating" the Egyptians!!-so another victory for the British,who are a little nearer their objective,which is to relieve Khartoum.......
Another good and exciting game,roll on the next one,and roll on tonight,when Paul will be coming along,to play a Greek vs Greek game-possibly on the same terrain!!


  1. You know the saying John Put Four Walls and a few Buildings on the Table and some Fool will Defend it to the Death!! As for the Camels Good God Man have you never seen a Block and tackle being put to good use?.

  2. My tackle hasn't been used for a long time!!