Friday, 27 June 2014

Sudanese Campaign last battle

Yesterday Brian and I had our last campaign battle,in the relief of Khartoum 2,this was a very exciting and tense game,which could have gone either way......

This is the general map-Brian didn't know I had hidden troops though.
My plan was to move my second line of Haddendowah troops across the front of the fort and occupy the central hill,then spring my trap and surround the British-hurrah!!

The race for the hill starts,Brian opened fire on these troops and caused a bit of damage,but didn't stop them-my left hand units started to move forward at the same time,and this stopped Brian's square from moving-hurrah again!!

Nearly there,but coming under intense fire now!-The British are very near to the "ambush" site,I wonder if Brian will send some scouts to see if anything is behind those lovely dunes??

My left hand units couldn't contain themselves any longer and have charged the "square",however they took horrendous casualties on the way in,which would tell once the melee ensued!!

Surprise,surprise!!-now that's not a happy face!!-my hidden troops have exposed themselves!!-now,now,no silly jokes-we must start taking these games more seriously!!
Brian is now in real trouble,but he unlimbered his gatling and artillery and blasted the hell out of these new troops!!

My attack is now in full swing,although my left hand troops are looking thin on the ground!-will weight of numbers tell against British "pluck" and volley fire??

It's looking bleak(or is that black?) for the British-they are being pressed back on all sides!!

Looking more like Custer's last stand than the relief of Khartoum,Brian went behind a palm tree and shot himself!!-it was all over and the Haddendowah were declared the winners!!-What will Queen Vicky say ??

This has been a very enjoyable mini-campaign,loads of laughs,good planning and movement(on a map and on the table)-we were both the winners!!
I have had to call in my IT Technical Support Team(my son Kevin) to sort the bloody computer out,again!! so I can't do a blog about last night's game,with Paul and Brian and myself-Brian and I lost!!-no photo's,they are in Cyber Space somewhere!!
Roll on Sunday-an Ancients game,Greeks and Persians.

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