Thursday, 19 June 2014

French/Indian Wars 1758

This morning Brian and I were joined by our mate Allan,and we enjoyed a game of Indians vs Rangers.

This is the scenario and basic troop positions,as you can see all the Rangers had to do was relieve the Fort-simple!!!!!

This is the table layout before any movement-I was in charge of the Rangers,whilst Brian and Allan were in charge of the Indians.Allan's French couldn't move until the Indians in canoes arrived on his side of the lake.

Allan's Indians are paddling towards the French camp,once there they could all advance together and attack the fort.

Both Brian and Allan had decided to shoot at my troops in the canoes,and of course, I couldn't shoot back,so took casualties before I even landed!!-In the background Brian's Indians have made contact with my Rangers-I didn't do very well on this flank-in fact I was slaughtered!!!

The settlers in the fort put up a stout defence,for 3 or 4 seconds,then were scalped! leaving a good number of Indians to resist any attempt at relief!!-oh dear!!-never mind the British infantry have arrived,and will give those Indians a jolly good roasting(anyone believing that has never seen me throwing dice!!)

Brian seems to have got rid of my right flank Rangers in this shot-he was rampant,and swept me away,leaving his war parties free to "harry" my other flank.

On my other flank,things were not as bad,but still desperate! I won a couple of melees,but couldn't make any headway against the Indians in the fort-looks bad!!-the situation,not Brian!!

My last companies of Rangers are fleeing,the fort hasn't been relieved(although,what was the point,all the settlers are dead!!) so I was declared the Loser-no hurrahs today!!

This was good game( if you were an Indian!)and produced some lively discussion-well done to Allan and Brian.
We won't be playing tonight,as England take on Uruguay in the World Cup,so come on England,and roll on Sunday,when we will be playing a 7YW game in honour of our good friend Tommy,who sadly died on June 24th 2013.

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