Monday, 16 June 2014

Romans vs Dacians and Germans 100AD

Last night 5 of us turned up for an Ancients game,which turned out to be a real thriller.
Brian commanded his Germans,I commanded my Dacians,and Paul,Graham and Richard commanded the Romans.

This shows the scenario,and the table layout,before any movement-Richard took charge of the auxilliaries and the fort,whilst Paul and Graham shared the Legion command.

Brian's Germans begin their attack-this was more spectacular than effective for the first 4 or 5 moves,but he eventually wore the defenders down and gained access to the fort-the line of cohorts in the background,however,did a great job and wouldn't let the Germans through!!

Brian's cavalry were supposed to drive the Roman cavalry back,allowing my second line of warbands to sweep round and attack the Romans in the flank-however the German cav. were beaten back,stopping my great plan(?) from working!!!

Meanwhile,on the other flank,I have sent my poor rated Dacian cavalry against Paul's heavies,hoping to inflict a few casualties prior to my elite Sarmatian cavalry smashing the flank,and winning the game-Hurrah(?)

An audacious attack by Graham has caught me flat footed!!-this was a good old fashioned tussle for dominance of the ridge-pila against the two handed falx-who would win?

My elite Sarmatian cavalry are being slaughtered by Paul's combination of his heavy cavalry and a couple of cohorts-woe is me!!

That's Graham in the background,looking very casual-and so he should-the ridge is devoid of my Dacians!! With my right flank in a spot of bother(wargames language for getting beaten!!) and my centre gone,we are beaten!!-However,back at the fort............

Hurrah!! Germans in the fort,but everything else fleeing-oh well there's always another day to fight.
This was a good game,with plenty of excitement on both sides-well done lads!!
Roll on Thursday,Allan is going to make a rare appearance-will probably put on a French-Indian war game.

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