Monday, 9 June 2014

Marlburian game 8.6.14.

Last night we had an interesting Marlburian game,with myself and Brian on one side and Paul and Graham on the other.

No scenario,just a picture of the troop dsipositions and terrain-Paul and Graham commanded the Irish,Bavarian and Spanish troops whilst Brian and I commanded the Danish and British troops.

This is a shot of the table before any movement,it also shows the preparation that goes into putting on a game-the clip boards,dice,pens,measuring sticks and order sheets,all prepared,all the lads have to do is come along,and play the game-I know,I've got lots of time 'cos I'm retired!!! But it does take alot of work to think up 2 or sometimes 3 scenarios a week,some help would be appreciated sometimes,so come on lads,get your thinking caps on,and help me out!!

Some photo's of the game follow................

These are the early stages of the game,with action along the whole front,Brian trying to get into the village,and Graham trying to get into the hamlet-and a cavalry battle going on in the centre!

These last two photo''s show the closing stages of the game-Graham has successfully taken the hamlet,at bayonet point,and the cavalry is leaving the field in disgrace!!Despite an attack or two,Paul has maintained his hold on the village,and so the Irish/Bavarian alliance was declared the winners!!
We won't be playing on Thursday,due to hospital appointment in morning and World Cup opening match at night.

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