Monday, 2 June 2014

Solo Gaming-sad but necessary sometimes!!7YW

With not having a club game on Sunday,I decided to further develop a set of Solo Rules,which have been "buzzing" around in my head for a long time,so on Saturday I had three games with my newly finished 7YW Russians and Prussians,to see how they would work out.
The rules work basically on the throw of a specially designed Morale Dice to see what each losing unit will do,after firing and melee-really good fun,and, more to the point, it worked!!-hurrah
As far as movement was concerned,I used "elasticated movement"ie I just moved the troops to the position I wanted them to be in,then worked out firing/melee,by throwing average dice-very simple,but effective.

Troops moving and forming up where I want them to be,no deductions for changing formation!!

First game layout.Prussians on the left vs Russians in a good defensive position,behind gabions and on top of a hill-village is open,but an howitzer kept the Russians at bay!!

The Prussians are attacking the defensive positions,I gave them plus one onto their dice throw,and it turned out quite even over the game.

Now that's what you call a cavalry melee!!-I decided that I could put as many units into a melee as I wanted,and simply multiplied the number of bases by the dice throw to decide the winner-the Morale Dice is pretty "vicious",but I need a result quickly,and boy did it give a result!!

The cavalry battle is still going on in the background,but the Infantry are fire-fighting prior to going in with the bayonet-this was thrilling stuff-the Russian artillery are "raking" the flanks of the advancing Prussians-I had decided that artillery could pick a different target per move if it liked!!

This was a crucial move in the second game,with both sets of Dragoons facing up to each other,in the ensuing melee,the Russians won,and the Prussians were cut off in the village!!-hurrah.

This was the objective of the third game-a massive redoubt manned by artillery and Guards,the Prussian howitzer did alot of damage to the guns and the Guards,driving them from their position,and giving the Prussians a chance to storm into the redoubt-cracking stuff,and thoroughly enjoyable!!
As a set of quickly "knocked up" rules these worked a treat,and will,no doubt, open up a whole new side of wargaming to me,when I can't find an opponent-which,I hope,will be rare!!

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