Saturday, 16 August 2014

Des Res in Westerhope

Today I visited a "Flea Market" in North Shields,and apart from getting some Fleas(!) I also bought three Houses that are ideal in size and type for all of our Horse and Musket periods.
The gentleman on the stall wanted £6 each for them!! but he didn't bargain for coming up against the "Haggler!!"-we eventually agreed on £10 for the three-hurrah!!

Here they are,just as I bought them-I decided that they needed a little bit of a touch up(don't we all now and then!!) to cover any worn off paint,dull thatch/grass.

Touched up and looking good!

The detail on this door is remarkable-who's in there?
It just shows that sometimes you don't have to pay a fortune to get good-looking terrain pieces.
Roll on tomorrow,we are fighting the battle of Dunbar 1650.


  1. You're a better haggler than Marvin!.

    1. Ah,but I'm a lover not a fighter!!good comment,keep them coming,

  2. Good buy. I use something similar for my 15mm games. I would guess the houses are about 10mm scale, but fit in fine. Mine are not the same quality as these, but I generally paid about a $2 (say a pound) at what passed for a reject shop over here. The last three I got were from an antique show somewhere near Coldstream when I was over there on holiday last year.

    1. Hi Son of York,
      The houses are actually 25mm scale-I should have put some 25mm figs. beside them to show the size-thanks for comment,keep them coming'cheers.

  3. Bit Local Background for all our Readers John.
    North Shields was always a good place to get a "Itch scratched"Nudge,Nudge,Wink Wink know what I mean"?