Sunday, 24 August 2014

Winter Quarters 114AD

We have just finished another terrific game,involving Romans and Barbarians-Brian and I were the Barbarian commanders and Paul was in charge of the Romans.

This is the scenario,quite simple,but,as it turned out,very exciting and tricky for both sides.

This is the table before any movement,Brian was in charge of the Germans in the distance,whilst I was in charge of the Gauls-Paul had his hands full commanding both lots of Romans.

In the opening moves,I hurled myself against the Fort defenders,hoping to inflict a few casualties-but to my surprise,I won the melees!!-hurrah,and broke into the fort-Paul was not amused!!
In the background,Brian's Germans are beginning their attack-what a nasty bunch they look!!

Paul has formed a neat looking line on top of the snow covered ridge-can Brian buckle it and break it and start eating the Romans?

YES!!! was the reply-buckling,breaking and eating  in progress!! The Germans are beating the Cohorts and the Auxilliaries-the Romans can't recover from this,can they??

Paul can be seen,coolly writing his orders for the "spare" Auxilliary unit,to join the melee,taking the Germans in the flank!!-along the whole line the Roman morale held,and Brian decided to put his second line of Warbands into thr fray,just to make sure of a victory(you just know what's going to happen!!!)

The Fort is just about captured,and my other Warbands are moving to take on the 5 Cohorts,who have crossed the river-6 warbands against 5 cohorts-hah, a walk in the park-hurrah!!

The first line of Warbands acted a bit like a rubber ball-they "bounced",can my second line do any better?-in the background,I'm finding it very hard to see any Germans!!

Success! my Gauls are driving the Romans back,and I'm still holding the Fort-another hurrah!!
In the background,Brian's Germans are fleeing the field-could this be a "draw"?

One final shot-a late Roman attempt to recapture the Fort has failed,and a draw declared-phew!!
This was a real nail-biter of  a game,and a draw was the fairest result-well played Brian and Paul.
In 4 months time it will be Christmas eve!!-hurrah,pressies and booze!!-but until then,we've got a few games to get through,and of course,Border Reiver on the 6th of September.


  1. Another excellent scenario and a close-fought, exciting game William!
    What rules do you use, by the way?

    1. We use our own "House Rules" developed over the past 44 years(!!) base on fighting points and a dice throw to determine winners and losers-same for morale-we depend heavily on historical knowledge and good old common sense!