Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Roman "Scutum"

On a recent visit to Carlisle,I visited the Tullie Museum,which houses a very interesting Roman section,including some replica weapons etc. I found the fact that you could actually get a hold of these weapons and feel the weight,excellent.

This shows the "mock-up" of a Roman tent-made from 36 calf hides,a scutum and pilum-the size of the shield and the weight are awsome!!-I would say,impossible to "wave" about or "punch" your opponent in the face!!(I don't know who that handsome chap is standing next to the shield!!)

In this shot I am holding the shield with my arm held verically-I am about 5 foot 6inches tall,and it wouldn't take much imagination to see that it would easily cover you from attack,and that with your head covered with a helmet,and held low,you would be pretty well protected,whilst thrusting with your gladius held in your right hand-formidable!!
If you are ever in Carlisle,it is well worth visiting the Tullie,which is more than can be said for the Castle Museum,which was a huge disappointment!!

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