Monday, 8 September 2014

Cheap(Skate!) Chariots-or OAP DIY

Most people will know of Nissan,the car producing factory,based up here in the North East,but not many will know of the "Nissanite" chariot producing factory based in Westerhope!!
Being a POP(Poor Old Pensioner) and notoriously mean,and also requiring 12x 25mm chariots,6light and 6 heavy,to face Brian and Dave's "Biblical" armies,I looked at the vehicles on offer from various manufacturers-Bloody Hell!!!!!
Prices ranged from £7.50 to £12 each(these are heart attack prices as far as I am concerned)
So what could I do?Well,using only the materials to hand and a bit of ingenuity,I decided to make my own.
I used a re-cycled birthday card for the bodies,cocktail sticks for the axles,and extra long matchsticks for the poles,plus about a gallon(or litres if you like) of liquid nails and super glue!!
I already had a stock of wheels,both plastic and metal,and some spare horses,and any more I needed I made from my Prince August moulds.
The first step was to make a paper "template",using my Technical Drawing skills gained at school 50 years ago(I just knew it would come in handy some day!!) to test my design-it worked-hurrah!! and production began........

Template and bodies awaiting diagonal cuts to sides.

Cuts made,awaiting wheels and poles-the made up one shows the effect I was after.

Production well under way,however I have run out of wheels,and need a couple of horses.....

Good old Prince August moulds!!I only had to caste 4 wheels and 4 horses,so it wasn't too much of a chore.

Some made up and base painted-bonny colours!! and some getting their poles attached.

Two chariots painted and based-I thinks I may have been carried away with the paint jobs on the wheels!!

All twelve painted and based awaiting crews-I bought some figures at an auction a while ago,and used the "Biblical-looking" ones for the crews.

Two light chariots completed-I was quite pleased with the way they turned out

All twelve flocked and crewed-what they needed was a Pyramid to drive past-so I made one out of spare hardboard,when I had a couple of minutes!!

The finished vehicles,in all their painted glory,trundling past the Pyramid and Sphinxes.
I have decided to call my new army the "Parasites",led by their legendary king,who goes down in history as being the first Egyptian Car Park Attendant-Toot and Come In!!(TutanKumin-groan,groan!)
From design to finished article,including painting the crews,and making the Pyramid,took just two weeks-it's great being retired you know!!
I would love some "feed-back" on my DIY chariots.


  1. Ingenious and excellent use of available resources. Bearing in mind that 12 chariots from a manufacturer would be £90. They look just the job

    1. Hi Ian,god to see you're still alive!!-thanks for your comment-you're always welcome you know!

  2. That should be "good" not God!!

  3. I know I would be. Someday I shall pluck up the courage.

    1. Your Nemesis doesn't come along now-give it a go!!