Friday, 28 November 2014

Battle of Lake Armeus 320BC

For this battle last night,Brian was Seleucus,whilst Paul and I took the role of Antigonus!

This is the scenario and basic troop layout-note Elephants on both flanks of Antigonus' army!!

The marines on both sides rowed their way to the landing point-Brian is so taken with commanding ships,that he has got rid of his right hand and is going to replace it with a hook!!

Whilst both sides sought to secure their flanks,the centres moved ever nearer,not long before the inevitable clash!!-Paul has adopted an echelon attack-very nice too!-You will note the Elephant unit in the bottom left corner,and the archers about to shoot on its flank-Brian was hoping to drive it away,however it took fright and ran "amok" straight towards his beautiful straight line ,and caused chaos!!-hurrah!!!

Cheer up Brian,worse things have happened at sea!!-talking of which............

The Marines have landed(lock up your daughters!!)-a tremendous tussle took part at the landing point-luckily Paul had given our Marines very good points,and we eventually won the flank-another hurrah!!

The battle for the centre was great nail-biting wargaming at its best-neither side gaining an early advantage,and dice rolling all over the place,including this rather extraordinary one......


Brian's centre is just about to collapse,caused by the cavalry threat to his exposed flank,although it must be said that he gave us a "bloody nose"-cheer up Brian worse things have happened at sea.............

The flank was won,and Brian's marines are about to be driven off the board-hurrah!!
This was a good taxing game,with neither side gaining any advantage until almost the last throw of the dice-well done lads.
We will probably be playing on Sunday-so roll on then!


  1. Yes Boys You gave me a right Ploating,For those of you reading this and are unlucky enough not to live in the North East of England a "Ploating" is a Damm good thrashing!!!

  2. Enjoyable asvever William et al.

    So a ploating is a combination of a pasting and the smug response of the victor?!!!