Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Painting Update-Horus

I recently visited the North British,or Hancock Museum in Newcastle,and they have a good Egyptian section,plus,in the Museum shop they sell a range of Egyptian themed goods,including 4 Egyptian God figures,of round about 32mm tall. and costing £1.50 each-so I bought 2 figures of the God Horus to enhance our Temples etc. that we already have.The figures are sold unpainted,so I went onto the internet,got a good picture of Horus,and based my colour scheme on that,although I had to add the "staff of power" he is holding,made from a piece of bent wire(my talents are endless-or is that useless??)

This shows the info I got from the good old internet,and the packaging that the figures came in(on the right)

This shows the two completed figures-they are beautifully sculpted and well detailed,note the "key of life" they are holding in their left hands!

I specially bought a new paint brush from the Newcastle arts centre,which cost nearly £9,and known as "Series Seven"-they are specifically for painting wargames figures,and although very expensive,last a long time.
I am pleased with my efforts,and will have them on the board next time Brian puts his Egyptians up against my Pa'Arasites!!


  1. Trememdous John! Can we not make them 'animate' during a game and fight on the Egyptian side?.........oh dear....I think I just had a nasty attack of Fantasy gaming there! Please forgive me....

  2. Wear a mask Dave the Paint Fumes are getting to you!!