Friday, 14 November 2014

Caesar vs Germans.

Anyone would think I had shares in the German Tourist board!! but here we are again in Germany-this was a head to head battle between Paul and Brian,I was referee 'cos my old knees aren't working too well just now,and anyway I deserved a comfy seat!!

This scenario,once again was taken from Miniature Wargames-Paul was in charge of the Germans and Brian was in charge of the Romans-although the scenario was fairly simple,the game was thrilling and full of tense moments,and actually started with the Germans in contact with the Watchtower Romans!!

Brian's plan was to march forward,then "plant" his standards in a line from the watchtower to the town,thus presenting two fronts to Paul,however this meant that he had to win the cavalry battle on his left flank-this was going to be tense!!

The fight for the watchtower was an absolute wargaming joy to see-first Paul had the advantage,then Brian-at one point the Germans were in and causing mayhem,but Brian kept his cool and ejected them-great stuff!!

Brian's parallel columns marching into their places-Paul attacked the left flank cavalry and a battle "Royale" ensued,with Brian being pushed back for three rounds until his morale gave way,this presented him with a massive problem,but once again he rose to the job and sent skirmishers forward to meet the threat-hurrah!!

With stretcher bearers and Priests working overtime,we had a coffee break,nobody wanted to risk an Oxo!! can't think why!!!!!

The bloody computer won't let me access any more photo's!!
I really don't understand what is going on,so I'll just have to continue in text only!!
Paul attacked with great gusto all along the Roman line,which was just about holding on,then a cavalry battle took place on Brian's right,which he lost-oh dear-both of Paul's cavalry units now joined up in Brian's rear,ready to pounce-all was lost-EXCEPT,the watchtower was still in Roman hands.
Both Paul and Brian continued to struggle on with their infantry,but finally the Germans were successful,and Paul was declared the winner of this most exciting game-well done lads,it was a pleasure to watch..roll on Sunday,hopefully the computer thing will have righted itself by then.


  1. Great blog!
    I read you use your own set of rules and that it fits all periods: Could you please send me a copy?
    Kind regards,

    1. Hi Cesar,thanks for reading our blog-I would love to send you a copy of our "rules",but we don't have anything written down!! It would probably take 50 pages of text to try and put into words what we do in our games-we use very basic movement,and points system for troops,and the rest is historical knowlege and common sense!
      I will try and put some info onto my next blog.
      johnc(or william)

  2. You don't have anything written down!!: Great! That is probably the best way to play.
    I will keep on visiting your blog, I have found it very interesting. Many thanks for your reply.

    1. Hi Cesar Paz,I am working on a way I can put,very simply,our basic concepts,so keep looking at our blog,