Monday, 17 November 2014

Scipio vs Hannibal 202BC

Well my IT Support Team have been to fix the computer,and apparently I'm to blame-I'm sure if I'd been born in 1939,I would have been blamed for the second world war!!
What can be said about last night's game?-Brilliant,fantastic,exciting,and a whole load more superlatives...Brian and I commanded three legions against Paul's excellent Carthaginian army.

Does anyone recognise the terrain??
I had contrived a simple battle plan,that involved the HASTATI and PRINCEPES,crossing the river and the TRIARII and CAVALRY staying on our side and awaiting the Carthaginians-a good plan that almost worked!!

First part of the plan-river crossing-Brian doesn't look convinced that this will work-Paul is creeping closer.

Much closer!!next move will see one hell of a clash,Paul had delayed his move forward so that all of his troops came into line at the same time-clever,but the Romans are up to it too-look at those lines-poetry in  motion!!

Paul's veteran African pikemen forming line,supported by the prolific pachyderms-what a chilling sight-his Celts are already starting to gather in the woods,ready to charge-ooh er!!

CRASH!! the whole line explodes!! Brian did particularly well on his flank,whilst in the centre and our right we "buckled" a bit,still though,there's time yet-we can do it!!!!

Part two of the master plan is working!-our Hastati and Princepes have been sent packing,except Brian's who are busy getting trampled by the Elephants-it's down to the Triarii-what will they say in Rome?(fall on your sword probably!!)-but it still is not over yet.

Both of our cavalry units and the central Triarii have charged into the Celts,and are giving them a damned good thrashing-hurrah!!-However Brian's Hastati and Princepes are being forced to give ground,and eventually they ran away,leaving the Triarii to take on and beat the Elephants-another hurrah!!-It must be said at this point that Paul's objective was to cross the river at any point to win the game,and his cavalry were poised to do just that!!

Oh no,it's my turn to face the Elephants now!!

GULP!!-but what of Paul's objective,has he been able to cross the river??

Yes!! he beat both of our cavalry units,so he was declared the worthy winner of this wonderful game-I promised Brian that I wouldn't mention that he lost two Legions,so I won't!!
well done lads great wargaming,roll on Sunday,could be a Napoleonic game,although the last time we had a Napoleonic game,we lost two members of our small(er) club!!


  1. Call me Mr Picky if you like John but it was one and a half Legions not two!!!!

    1. Yes,I'll call you Mr PRICKY if you want me to!!!!