Friday, 7 November 2014

Brittania 60AD

Last night we had a classic Ancients game,involving a Roman Legion trying to capture a Homestead and Henge from the grips of the local British tribes-Brian and Paul were Romans and I was British-an accusation was hurled at me,that I had put mind altering drugs in the half time cups of Oxo and cheese on!!!

This shows the table before any moves,with the Romans on the right,and their objectives clearly visible-Paul commanded the left and Brian the right-Paul was also CinC-more of that later!

Don't the Romans look smart?-you can just see the CinC tucked safely away on a small hill to the right of the line,he is surrounded by his bodyguard,and "safe as houses"

The Roman attack begins,all along the river bank they "plodged" (Geordie word") across and were met by my tribesmen,hurling javelins and insults!!-This particular shot shows Brian's newly painted Auxiliaries(who didn't perform very well as it happens!)

OMG!! can I hold them?-this attack is ferocious,but if you look carefully,you can see a gap in the Roman line,leading directly to the CinC!!-could I resist such an opportunity?????

NO was the answer,but,inexplicably,Paul chose to counter charge me!! and we clashed in mid stream-I won the melee,but failed to kill the Man-what would happen next turn?
meanwhile on my left flank,my chariots and three warbands were in position,and ready to do battle with Paul's cavalry and auxiliaries.

My chariots (or one hit wonders as we call them!) bounced off the Roman cavalry,but my clever plan of backing them up with tribesmen paid off,and a titanic struggle for the flank followed.

This shot was taken just before the Roman commander decided to charge into my cavalry,but shows the action along the whole front-I am not doing too well at this point-Brian has crossed the river on his flank,and Paul is winning in the centre-oh dear me!!-what would happen,do you think,if the CinC were to be killed??
Well,he was killed-hurrah!! and the whole of the Roman army had to take morale,at a minus two from their existing points-the result was that most of them either retired or ran away!!-leading to the accusation,that,no man in his right mind would have put the CinC into a position of peril,unless the cups of Oxo and cheese scones were "laced" with mind altering drugs!!-I have sent the offending objects away for analysis,just to appease the sore losers!!

This shows the table after the Romans had taken morale tests-not many of them left!! and so the Druids can get on with their sacrifice-actually he is only going to cut her hair,nothing sinister!!

This was an all action,fun game,enjoyed by all-it was Paul's 59th birthday on Wednesday,so we forgave his little indiscretion of getting the Roman CinC killed-and of course that is the end of the matter,it will never be mentioned again(Hmmmm.)
Roll on Sunday,don't know what kind of game yet,but it will involve a couple of CinC's.


  1. Entertaining report as ever William. I particularly like the third photo of the attack all along the line, most impressive.
    Belated Happy Birthday to Paul--the mind altering Oxo was a birthday present then?!! :)

  2. Thanks James,next year he'll have good excuse for losing his mind,he'll be 60!!but he still has a lot of catching up to get to my age.