Monday, 10 November 2014

Battle of the Toon 1757

The "fab four" were at it again last night,this time a spectacular Seven Years War battle involving the Prussians against the Russians with a brigade of Austrians thrown in for good measure.

The scenario and terrain map are taken,with a little "tweaking," from this month's Miniature Wargames magazine,and it worked fine.
Brian and I controlled the Russians,whilst Dave and Paul took on the role of Prussians.

Dave's out-flanking troops about to assault my poor Russians,who couldn't react to this move until move number two-we were trying some different movement rules for the Prussians,giving them a massive bonus,which was good for the Prussians,but not so good for the Russians-I was "swamped",but had to find a way out of the problem!!

I have finally turned my flank troops to meet Dave's grand attack,but he is moving troops through the woods,and I haven't got enough troops to match him,until the Austrian contingent arrive.

Meanwhile,on Brian's centre and flank,an almighty attack is developing!!-our artillery was worse than useless,so it was down to the infantry and masses of cuirassiers on the far flank,to win the day-Brian was severely "berated" for not leaving gaps between his regiments,but blamed the terrain!!

The Austrians have arrived,and the flank is,for the time being,fairly stable,but I have taken a  lot of casualties from the Prussians,and now Paul is adding to my discomfort,by bringing a brigade across to help Dave!In the centre Brian is holding his own(!!!!) and Paul is having to commit his reserve brigade of Hanoverians.

The "final straw"-Dave's cavalry are chasing mine off the table,leaving my Russian and Austrian infantry exposed-my flank is lost-woe is me!!
How's Brian doing???

Quite well actually!-he has stemmed Paul's forward movement in the woods,and his cavalry are winning melees on the far flank,but,with my flank gone,it can only be a matter of time before the weight of numbers begins to tell.

Brian's cavalry are doing brilliantly,and it was decided that the Prussians had won the battle,tactically,but that the Russian would be able to withdraw,protected by the cavalry-in any body's language,that's a draw-hurrah!!

This was a very enjoyable game,and after all we are still trying to get used to the tactics etc. of this fascinating period of history,roll on Thursday-an Ancients game being fought over the same terrain,but using Brian's Caesarian legion against his German tribes.


  1. Just because the word WITHDRAW includes the word DRAW does not mean it was a draw! ha ha

    1. He who writes the History can change the History-Bob Dylan said that!!