Monday, 3 November 2014

Trois Ponts"-Marlburian battle

Last night the "Fab Four" had a fabulous game,based around an Allied Army trying to get across three bridges with some wagons,and an Irish/Spanish force trying to stop them.

These two photo's show the scenario and initial troop layouts-Brian was in charge of the Danes,Dave the British,Paul the Irish and me the Spanish.

Brian was faced with fording the river,reforming himself,and being met with cannister and volley fire-but he did it in great form-no fear for steady men!!-In the background the British attack is starting,and Paul is "observing" his movement to counter it when the time was right.

To try and stop Dave's infantry from coming across the central bridge,I moved my cavalry forward-this worked,but a well placed cannon shot prevented me from risking any further forward movement-where are the Irish??

Brian has managed to get some troops across the river,and is pressing my very thin line,and the British are moving through the "crops" to threaten the flank of my cavalry-what I need is some Irish troops to take the pressure off me-where are the Irish??-Dave and Brian are conferring,and planning in this shot-actually working together,I wish I had someone to work together with!!

Hurrah,the Irish have deployed-it must be said,a long way from the British,who are now shooting at the Spanish!!-Infamy,infamy,they've all got it in for me!!!!!

The Spanish guns have been silenced,by a grand attack by Brian's Hesse Grenadiers-never mind,the Irish will soon be here to help me.

This shot shows the cavalry melee developing at the central bridge-Brian reinforced Dave's cavalry just in time and stopped me from gaining a glorious victory-Paul then helped me out by sending his cavalry -this was always going to be tricky-if it came down to dice throws,I would lose!!!-Note British Guardsmen lining the "crop field" ready to blast any troops who come near.

This is almost the end of the game-most of the Spanish troops are shot to pieces and are retiring,we are losing the cavalry melee,and are being pushed back-however,on a more positive note,the Irish have decided to test their muskets,just to make sure they work properly-in the background,next to Paul,his Irish artillery can be seen-they couldn't hit the proverbial cow's "arse" with a banjo-see next photo..........

Should have gone to "Specsavers!!"

My flank has totally gone,Brian is across the river in force,with his wagon,Dave is piling the pressure on the Irish-he also has got his two wagons across the river-we are beaten!!
This was a great tense and tactical game,played with great aplomb by both sides-well done us!!
I will do a "Painting Update" later on today-showing what Dave has been up to whilst he's been away from us.


  1. Afternoon Gents,
    I think you should win an award for the most games played by any wargaming group. Look forward to see you at Stockton.
    Good game, Robbie.

  2. Cheers Robbie,it's great being retired,if I'm not playing,I'm planning-I should have retired at 21!!-We hope to get to Stockton,but we've left it too late to put on a game.

  3. I hate cavalry! enough said.......Very frustrating but very enjoyable game thanks John.

  4. I never had any doubt in our plan Dave.
    Only one thing to say "The Dream Team are back"!!!!