Monday, 3 November 2014

Painting update.Nov. 2014

I promised Dave that I would do a painting update for him,to show that he has not been "idle" whilst moving house,gaining promotion etc. so here goes.......

These are "enormous" figures(standing at almost 40mm) painted very well,but not yet based to Dave's exacting standards-they are from Dave's Tippoo Sultan collection,which he is building up nicely,ready to fight Assaye,when he has enough.

Another view,showing the command group-very nice!!

A unit of Hittite archers,Dave now has enough,when added to Brian's Egyptians,to take my Pa'Arasites on-bring it on boys,bring it on!!

Dave bought a bag of these "Sea People" at Shildon show,and has painted these three up just to see how they look-well they look great to me-I can see my Pa'Arasites getting a good beating if this build up goes on!!

I am getting on well,but slowly with my restoration of the Spanish Galleon I bought at auction,I have restored the rigging where I could,and have put on the basic colours(first coats-it will need two at least!) and it is looking ok(Ithink!!)

The masts are going to be a bit of a problem-on the main mast is a "cartouche" with,I think, a painting of the Maddona and Child-too much for my limited artistic ability,but no doubt I'll think of something-the forward mast has a black cross,and banner-I may be able to manage that!!


  1. Nice paint job Dave

  2. Nice paint job Dave

  3. I must point out that the British troops were not painted by me! They were painted for Michael by is painter. We are looking to build up a Wellington in India collection. cheers.