Friday, 6 March 2015

Battle of Septoneus 60ADBritain

It was a good day yesterday,in the morning my old mate Allan came along and we had a couple of games of Air Combat,using my new rules-these worked well,and the games were very enjoyable-he also sends his best wishes to Brian,
At night I had a fantastic game with Paul,involving those old adversaries,Rome and Britons...

As usual,the scenario and table before any movement-Paul was Roman commander and I was in charge of the Britons.
My plan was to hold the gap between the stream and mountains,defend the town,put in a massive attack on the Roman left flank,with a combination of chariots and warbands.
Paul had a more cunning plan,which was to "bombard the defences with his catapult and bolt-thrower,then launch his auxilliary infantry against the defenders,whilst guarding his left flank with cohorts-he also tried to force the pass(which I thought was only a feint!!) with cavalry and cohorts.

In this shot my chariots and warbands are breaking cover and moving rapidly towards the Roman flank-I had 3 chariot units and 6 warbands-enough for any army!!!

Paul has begun to manoeuver his legion-always a bad sign! It means that whoever is against them is going to get a right old beating.
In the background you can see Paul's ill-fated attempt at taking the pass just starting to materialise-don't the Celtic huts look good??

Having knocked a few casualties off with his (laser guided!) catapult,Paul has sent the aux.infantry in-this was a great struggle,which lasted most of the game-with the Romans getting into the town,then getting driven out,then getting back in again-great stuff!
In the background the chariots are about to make contact with the Roman cavalry-hurrah!!

What a crash!!-I was quite lucky,and beat the cavalry(by sheer weight of numbers!) but the Cohorts are lining themselves up,for a counter attack,with the dreaded pila,and gladius-oh dear!

Desperate fighting by the defenders-but my casualties are mounting,and Paul still has the cohorts untouched.In the background you can see my chariots chasing the Roman cavalry back through their lines-hurrah!!

Meanwhile,back at the pass!!the restricted frontage favoured my defenders,and Paul was pushed back,even though he had his number one cohort in there!!-This was to be my only success however-the town was being denuded of defenders,and the Romans were gaining the upper hand,and in the open plain.....................

Superior training and weapons were telling on a grand scale-those beautiful Roman lines tell the whole story-my troops were out-classed to say the least!! I lost most of the melees,and my morale broke on 4 of my 6 warbands,leaving nothing for me to fight with!!
We called it a day(night?) at 10 o'clock,with 13 moves completed,and exhaustion setting in,and the Romans were declared the winners-well done to Paul.
Roll on Sunday-another Ancients planned-my Pa'arasites against a Persian army-should be interesting!


  1. Grand looking game! Hope to see you guys at Falkirk...

    1. Hi Caliban-you most certainly will!!-are you guys putting on a game too?