Friday, 12 June 2015

Arbeia Fort 70AD

Last night Paul,Brian and I didn't have a good game-we had an incredible game!!!
With 800 figures on the table it was always going to look spectacular,but the way it was played out,and the nail-biting finish was absolutely great.

The scenario and map are shown here-Paul was in charge of the British Tribes,and Brian was in charge of the "Fort troops" whilst I was in charge of the reinforcenents coming over the river from Segundunum(Wallsend) by boat.

This is how the table looked before any movement-one of my boats has landed-out of shot to the right,the other didn't land troops until move 3.

Paul decided to give us no chance to sit back and think,and attacked the outer defences immediately-the Auxiliary troops did a great job of defending,but we had a couple of vulnerable points where we were going to be hard pushed to hold out-the village(which didn't have a gate blocking the approach),and on Brian's left tower,which was also open!!

They're in!! Paul swiftly pushed Brian's troops back,and poured over the walls in overwhelming numbers-send in the Legion,Brian!!

That's the way to do it! Paul kept up the momentum of his attack and launched the tribes against the Roman Legion-is he mad?
However,Brian's advance with his cohorts left my cohorts(freshly landed) with a bit of catching up to do,and a gap appeared between my troops and his!!-Paul wouldn't take advantage of this,would he????

With the village ablaze,and my auxiliaries retiring,it was going to be touch and go with my cohorts-you can see the gap between our troops-however Brian is doing a great job with his cohorts and is giving the British a "run for their money"-hurrah!!

The fighting on Brian's side of the board was intense-Paul kept sending more and more warbands against him-the swine!!
Things were not going too easily on my side either.........

But look at those straight lines!!-The fight for the village was now so important-if we lost that our flanks would be in trouble,so Brian sent in cavalry whilst I sent in a cohort-but Paul was reinforcing his troops there all the time-who would break first?

We did!! Brian's troops were exhausted,and being pushed back towards the fort,and Paul has just released a fresh Tribe against my troops-we are doomed!!
Paul was declared the winner,but really there were no "losers" in this game-one of the best,and most exciting we've had for a while.Well done to us all.

Ahhhhhh!(he takes it so badly you know)

That's not a "gloat" is it,Paul???????
Roll on Sunday-don't know what we'll be playing yet.


  1. Great game guys.... and despite loosing five.. yes five of my chieftans to the latin demon dice throwers
    One of my tribal leaders had a premonition so he hit in the charriot box till the battle was over
    ... on a final gloat...sorry note I'm pleased the bolt throwers were afflicted with temporary blindness. Not even a chicken got hit all night...

  2. Yes great game you will be pleased to know Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles are sacked from Bolt Throwing!!!!