Thursday, 18 June 2015

Le Cul De Sac 18th June 1815.

Well,I couldn't let "Waterloo Day" go by without joining in the celebrations,as no doubt nearly every wargames club in the world is also doing!!
This game was played this morning against our old mate Alan,and it was,as it turned out,a close run thing!!!

As a preliminary to the game,I thought I might share with you these two items-the first is an actual musket ball from the battlefield at Ligny! and the second is a souveneir from "Les Invalides" in Paris-both bought by Daughter.

Scenario and Table before any movement-I was Wellington,and Alan was Napoleon.

My attacks begin,I wanted to pin the French immediately,so attacked along the whole table.

Whilst my British troops attacked the Guard-held ruin,my Prussians are about to cross the stream-hurrah!!

The Prussian cavalry have attacked the French cavalry,and a "ding,dong" battle took place,which eventually went my way,but before Alan had beaten me a couple of times,but the main outcome of the cavalry melees was that the French infantry were forced into square,and were immobile.-another hurrah!!

I now went completely mad,and ordered the 23rd Fusiliers to charge the guards in the ruin!!-the result was that they were shot down before making any contact,and had to retire-fool!!!!

My 23rd are retiring back over the stream,but I have managed to get two regiments of Guard to retire too-hurrah again,things are looking good for the Allies.

Having weakened a French square with shots from my horse artillery,I charged my Scot's Greys at them-they broke,and the Greys destroyed them-too many hurrahs now!!!

With the French Guard retiring,and the troops in the centre forced into squares,and most of the French cavalry beaten,I was declared the winner of this fairly small but exciting game.
Well done to Alan,hope to see you again soon.
We will be playing a very similar scenario tonight!

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