Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Preview of Thursday's game.

I have decided to give Paul and Brian a preview of Thursday's game,just to get them in the mood!!

A shot of the table from both ends-Roman and Barbarian-it looks so peaceful-what could possibly spoil it??

Top photo is the scenario,and bottom photo is the location map of both Roman and British troops-oh hell!!
Brian and I are Roman commanders,Paul is in total charge of the British warbands.

Roll on Thursday!! I have "boobed" with the info on when Arbeia fort was built-on the scenario I put 350AD,I don't know why,a moment of madness,or maybe senility creeping in??
The real date should be 120AD!!!!!!!


  1. Oh no Boats!! "Infamy,Infamy!! Looks good John.

  2. steady on sailor-the boats are mine!!-you are just facing a combination of Rorke's Drift and Custer's Last Stand-infamy all right!!