Saturday, 6 June 2015

Roman Fort,update of the update!

A few photo's of what's happening to the Roman Fort,and a possible project for the future(!)

Having been caught out before by the WIFE-I put a gate in the long section of wall,before she spots it!!

Hell's flames,the things only been up 5 minutes and some bugger's attacking it!!

I knew if I kept that dead hamster long enough it would come in useful for something!!

The weekly "spendfest" at Tesco is over,but whilst there I spotted these bamboo skewers-they look like oars for an Ancient galley to me-hmmm,project maybe??
Roll on Sunday-a special game planned!!


  1. fort looks great & the skewers are just what I am looking for ...

    1. Hi Alan,
      are you going to make a galley too?-let me know how you are going to go about it,as my modelling skills are "limited"