Friday, 19 June 2015

Napoleon-End of the road?

Last night Paul and I had yet another great game,using the same terrain as the morning game,but with the troops in slightly different positions at the start,the objective,however was the same-capture Napoleon and defeat his army!

The table before any moves-the Prussians are on the right of the picture,facing the ruins.
Paul was Allied commander,and opted to attack with his Prussians,whilst advancing slowly with the British-this was great for me,allowing me time to get a lot of the "relief" troops moving along the ridge,and towards the stream.

Paul is pushing his Prussian cavalry forward at an alarming rate!-I managed to get a regiment of the Guards to fire on his flank as he passed my position,and moved my Cuirassiers over the stream to stem the flow.

"GOTCHA!"-this volley was crucial,especially as I also toppled the cavalry Colonel off his horse too-hurrah!!
My relief infantry are making good progress towards the stream,but some have been forced into square,because of Paul's cavalry action on the far flank.

The cavalry battle lasted 5 moves,and swung both ways,first I would push Paul back,then he would push me back-great stuff!
A mention must be made at this point,of the "laser-guided" rocket troop that Paul commanded!In the morning game it blew up on takeoff,with my first throw of the dice!!but Paul hit a regiment of guard infantry,behind a wall,twice-and almost wiped them out-if Ney hadn't been there to stop them running away,things might have been over there and then!!

In this photo,the cavalry battle is ongoing in the foreground,and in the background you can see Paul's magnificent assault on the Guard's position.

The top photo shows the far flank cavalry battle,which I am now losing!!-the bottom photo shows the right flank cavalry battle,which I am now losing!!!!-woe is me.

This shows the action around the ruin position-the Prussian guard forced their way into the position at one point,but I regained it by reinforcing the melee-this was tremendous wargaming,however my regiments were suffering badly,and the Prussian numbers kept on increasing-double woe is me!!

Paul's victorious cavalry are making their way towards the stream,and my isolated squares-all is lost I think!!

"Oui,nous somme perdu!"-that's French for "Aye,we're knackered!"
A combination of cannister and volley fire is destroying the last of the Guard(sounds familiar!) so we called it a night and the Allies were declared the winners-well done to Paul.
Roll on Sunday,Dave is organising another Napoleonic game-Prussians vs French at the battle of Gilly 15th June 1815-we will also be using the game as our annual memorial to our good friend Tommy McClelland who died in 2013-gone but not forgotten.


  1. A good couple of games John, let's hope mine is of the same standard! Won one, lost one, that makes Sunday the deciding match in the Waterloo celebrations for you!

  2. Could I have one of Mr Congreve's wonderful inventions please? I'm sure he was seconded to the Prussian army at this time....
    Great game John, just a pity that rocket hadn't been with a roll of officer killed on the first move .... the little scoundrel would have bought it!

  3. Looks like a good one! On a vaguely military theme can I sneak in a cheeky sponsorship request? My dragonboat team is doing 22 miles up the Thames in the Great River Race in September to raise money for Help for Heroes - JustGiving link is here.. I'd e-mail it to John (or Dad, as I tend to call him) direct but more it's more likely he'll see it here!! Thank you...