Friday, 5 June 2015

Battle of the Nile 250BC

Paul had got himself confused over which Thursday he was unavailable(age???) so we had a game last night after all-hurrah!!

I am having "trouble with my camera,as you can see from the fuzzy images-however the scenario and table before any movement are shown(?) here.Paul commanded the Pa'Arasites and I commanded the Romans.

The initial clash took place between the Heavy chariots and the Roman cavalry on my right,Paul supported his attack with his light infantry,who,although they took a "hit" from my cavalry,held their own and actually beat me in the second round of melee-do the omens not favour the Romans tonight?

This shot is from Paul's side of the board,with his heavy chariots involved on his left and a spot of skirmishing going on on his right,his first line of heavy infantry have hit my Hastati,with a resounding "clash"-this melee swung both ways for three moves,neither of us gaining a real advantage.

My right is now under serious pressure-our fighting points were equal,so unfortunately it would come down to the dreaded"dice"..............

This shot shows the whole table-I am winning the central melee(at last) and my Triarii are extending the line on both flanks-this is when I decided that I should gainfully employ my two Elephant units-and I should have known better!!-with some cracking good shooting Paul's skirmishers drove both of them "Amok"!!!!!!!!

Elephants on both flanks about to go beserk!-luckily they shot off in a direction that didn't bother either side-but I had lost their impact-woe is me!!
In the bottom shot,Paul's light infantry,armed only with "sharpened friut!" have somehow managed to beat my left flank Triarii-how does he do it?(Brian reckons he's in league with the Devil-he may be right!!)

Having exchanged lines,with my Hastati,my Princepes hammered  Paul's first line and drove them off the board-I was now faced with his "Elite" second line-how would I fare against them?

Well,not too well actually!-he drove me back this time,and with both flanks in "bother" and no support for my Princepes,things were looking bleak for the Romans.

Top shot shows my right flank in full retreat,and bottom shot shows my Hastati having to adopt a defensive formation against light cavalry attacks-all is lost,and the Pa'Arasites live to fight another day-hurrah!!
Once again we had a good exciting and at times tense game-roll on Sunday-sounds like we will have a "full house"-maybe another Ancients,but maybe a Marlburian!


  1. Just as well we use average Dice John because imagine him throwing 6,6,6,Remember when I first came along his "Demon" Dice throwing nearly flipped me on a couple of occasions,now its like water off a Ducks back!!

    1. I still wear an upside down crucifix just in case!!

  2. Another fabulous game from you fellas William. I don't know what you mean about the photos, they look great to me (I don't think that it is the ageing eyes!)

    1. Cheers James,
      my camers has decided to go all technical and keeps telling me it's "processing" things,and turning the flash on and off at will!!
      keep the comments coming