Monday, 8 June 2015

Siege of Chatville 1709

Last night the Fab four,Brian,Dave,Paul and I had an unusual game,involving a siege and attempted relief of the siege-it turned out to be another great game,with the usual excitement,tenseness,good luck and bad luck for both sides.

These two photo's show the scenario and table,before any movement-Paul was Prussian commander,I was Dutch commander,whilst Brian and Dave were the French.

Brian "kicked the game off" with an assault,in grand style,against the bastion of the town-Paul repulsed this attack,but more were to follow-it was a question of how long could he hold on?

My Dutch are just about to attack Orly village-Paul is sending his Prussians against the other side of this "thorn in our side" village!!!

Brian has sent in another attack!!things are getting a little too "hot" for the defenders,but,Paul's infamous dice throwing saved the day,yet again!-hurrah,the attackers were held,but only just-come on relief force,where are you?

Ah,there you are!Paul's Prussians are beginning to make  headway,but Dave has moved his troops into a good position,to contest the stream-meanwhile,in the village,I have managed to drive the defenders back from the fence-line-another hurrah!(although short-lived!!!)

Brian is now getting desperate,and is throwing everything into attacking the Town,weight of numbers and a weakened state,saw the defenders having to give ground,and the French are now rampaging through the streets!!!!

The relief force had better get a move on,as the taking of the town has released more French troops to oppose them.In the background,Paul is doing a grand job-come on the lads!!

The Dutch(ie Me!) have spent too much time "fannying about" and I am making a bid to capture the village too late-more and more French troops from both Brian and Dave are heading towards the relief force.

The French are taking up positions behind their own defensive lines,and are too strong for Paul and I to attack-is this the end?

Yes!! it is the end,Chatville has fallen,and the village is still in French hands-never mind,there's always another day!!!!!
This was a good game,and well played to us all,but especially Dave and Brian-the winners!

Dave brought along a couple of figures which he has painted,as part of his Agincourt project-they're ok,I suppose!! See what you think.........

Two words describe these figures-Su and Perb!!when you consider that Dave has hand painted the "barding" I think they are a real work of art-more to come ,Dave?
Roll on Thursday-could involve a Fort!!

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