Monday, 15 June 2015

Battle of Callerton Abbey 1645

We were "four" last night,Dave,Paul,Brian and I,and we played a rather spectacular-looking English Civil War game.
We drew lots and Brian and I were the Parliamentarians,whilst Dave and Paul were for the King!

As usual,the top photo is the scenario and the bottom photo is the table before any movement-the Abbey is in the foreground,with the King's camp behind it.

The opening moves saw Brian and Paul "jockeying" for position,but Dave put in an audacious cavalry attack on our centre-I countered this,but the melee went Dave's way for three moves,then a lucky dice throw from me put him on the back foot!!-stirring stuff.

Brian's infantry line is complete,however he is under serious threat from Paul's cavalry,who outnumber him-our reserves are needed urgently!!

Brian's horse are seen in action here,against Goring's Cuirassiers-Paul's infamous dice throwing let him down on this occasion,and he lost the melee-but he had a lot more cavalry to support his attack-Brian's flank was now in real trouble!!

As musket fire erupts on the left,Paul's Lifeguards shape up for a sweeping charge against Brian's Gun Royale,and the protecting cavalry behind it-Paul can be seen moving even more cavalry against Brian's far left-this was to prove too much for the Parliamentarian cavalry,and they were driven back,exposing the flank and rear of the infantry line-oh dear!!

Dave's central cavalry attack is now beaten,and falling back on his infantry,however my cavalry was in no fit state,due to previous melees,to follow up!
My right flank foot and horse are lining up to the front of the Farm,threatening the whole of the Royalist line-Dave is lining up his cavalry to try and stop them-this will be tight!!

The clash!!Having ridden through my battery,Dave's cavalry hit my "fresh" Ironsides cavalry-a great melee took place,and after a hard struggle,the Royalists were pushed back-hurrah!!
But then Dave attacked again and drove me back-thrilling stuff!!

Back on Brian's flank,things are not looking good(!!)-although he won a few melees with his foot,his horse was getting "hammered" and the game looked over.

The situation on my flank is fairly steady at the moment,but a gap was soon to appear where my "engaged" cavalry are in this shot,however I trust Dave will be gracious,and act in a manner befitting his position..........................

Oh no he bloody well didn't-this is disgraceful behaviour,and will not be tolerated,ie next game he will be outnumbered,out-gunned,and possibly out-flanked!!
This was a good game,but a couple of lessons will be learned from it,namely that "encounter" battles like this one don't work too well within this period,where a "formalised" approach is needed,and semi-Napoleonic tactics and 21st century thinking should try to be forgotten-a very hard thing for us all to consider-I,for one will be doing some serious reading up on the period-however it didn't detract from a very exciting game.
We are always looking for new members to join us,so if you live in the Newcastle area(or further afield if you have transport) why not try us?-Use the "comments" box to contact me,and I will reply giving contact details etc.
Because Thursday is "Waterloo Day" I am having a Napoleonic Game with our old mate Allan,and maybe Brian,through the day,so roll on Thursday.Plus we will be playing at night,possibly another Napoleonic.

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