Monday, 10 August 2015

A little touch up!

After playing with the same thing for years,it gets worn out and tired looking-I am of course talking about my river/stream sections! so I decided to touch them up and breathe,hopefully,new life into them.
I started the process by giving them a damned good brushing,to get rid of years of flock and fingerprints.
The next stage was to find some varnish,to bring out the faded colour,and apply it liberally to the sections.
I then re-painted the "stones and rocks" using a brown colour rather than the grey that they already were(basically because I didn't have a grey!!)

The "lads" didn't notice the renewed sections last night though!!-ho hum!!!

Two photo's showing the sections after being varnished-many years ago I glued three sections to one piece of hardboard,then "jig-sawed" the shape-so each section you can see has three small sections of stream on it.The sections are quite brittle,because they are made of plaster,bought from a company,no longer with us,called A and M models.

I still do have some single sections,like this one,which give me greater flexibility in layouts,if required.

A close up showing the new colour and new stones(plus some bloke looking at the section from the news-paper!!)

The real thing(photo taken in Jesmond Dene,Newcastle,yesterday)I can't see any difference,can you?

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