Monday, 10 August 2015

Touching up tired terrain-tumbling water and trees

Once I start touching up I just can't stop!!-this time it's an under-used piece of terrain-a waterfall,and my very often used trees.

This waterfall  is a vacuum formed plastic piece-I can't even remember where I got it,but I've had it for years and years.
As with the stream sections,I gave it a thorough clean,and then a coat of varnish......

Varnished,and looking good-I have filled the inside with an expandable filler to give the whole piece stability.

Stones painted and touched up,plus a few embellishments(lichen!) added.

A couple of different angled shots of the finished waterfall-look out for this item in future games!!

The tree collection was next on my touch up of terrain hit list-basically I just re-stuck the "trunks",straightened them up and added a bit of flock,lichen and "logs"-but it keeps me out of mischief!!

Quite a lot of trees,but,as someone once said,you can't have enough trees!!

I know,I know,it's as silly as Battling Tanks and Zombies,but it amuses me!!

"Embellishments" added-looking good.
And what of the wife? whilst I'm doing this important stuff,what is she up to?

Tut!! doing mundane things like putting a coat of Ronseal onto the garden seat-I would help her,but I'm sure I would only get in the way!!

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