Monday, 24 August 2015

Battle of Mount Olympus 480BC.

Sometimes I get a little lost and confused when trying to decide what kind of game I will put on for the "boys",and I always ask what we should play for the next gaming night.On Thursday I asked Brian what he would like to play,and he said Ancients with lots of Elephants-so I set out a North American Indians and Rangers game!!-however I slept on it overnight and decided that it didn't look right,so on Saturday I set up an Ancients game involving Greeks and Romans,and a Volcano!!(not an Elephant in sight!!!)

The scenario,I try to give both sides a logistical and tactical problem every game-this certainly had its share of both!

The table before any movement-the astute reader will have noticed that the table covering is not our usual "green grass" cover-this is because I am "airing" our old cover in preparation for our big game on the 10th October in a local Church Hall.
The Persians are on the left and Greeks on the right,Brian drew the short straw and ended up commanding the Greeks,Paul commanded the Persian left,and I the Persian right.(out-flanking troops)

In a fit of un-characteristic rashness,Paul hurled his Cardaces infantry across the river against the Spartans(has the man gone mad?)-Brian,of course responded and an almighty clash took place in the middle of the river!!

Ah,this is more like the Paul we know and love-a steady approach,using his skirmishers to soften up the opposition before sending in his "heavies"-however,Brian seems to have other ideas and is advancing rapidly!!

What was happening on my flank?-well, not a lot!! I was subject to the vagaries of the river flow,so had to throw a random movement dice for each boat!!-some went fast,some went slow,some didn't want to go anywhere at all-woe is me!-This gave Brian some breathing space and allowed him to concentrate on beating Paul.

Brian is taking the fight to the Persians,and has successfully crossed the river,only to be met by Paul's mercenary Greeks,supported by the Immortals-this is going to be tough!-In the background the Cardaces/Spartan tussle goes on,both side gaining then losing melees-thrilling stuff!

Hurrah!! most of my troops are across the lake and in position,ready to smash the Corinthians stationed there-well,that was the theory!-in practice my Axemen "bounced" off the Greeks(as you would expect) but I had inflicted some damage which would tell later on when my Infantry proper got engaged!!

Brian has secured his Spartan flank,but is in a spot of bother in his centre,with Paul's Immortals pushing his Athenians back across the river-now, if only I can gain some success,Brian will be in real trouble!!

Brian is in real trouble!!-no good holding your head matie!!-I am all over him like a nasty rash!

The final photo! Paul is pushing on over the river and I have won my flank,even with support from two units of Spartans,Brian is beaten-hurrah!!
What a game this turned out to be,15 moves (at least!-I lost count!!) and a good result at the end of it(well,for the Persians at least!!)
Roll on Thursday-something a little different I think-oh by the way it's only 4 months 'til Xmas Eve,so get those orders in to Santa for wargaming "things" now!!

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