Friday, 7 August 2015

Battle of Kloot's Farm May 1879

We had a colonial game last night,as a sort of preparation for Border Reiver,so I won't go into too much detail of the game,other than to say it was,as usual for a Colonial game,fast and furious and fun.-Paul was British commander,Brian and I were Zulu commanders.

Scenario and table before any movement-not a Zulu in sight-YET!!!

Detail of the British column-they were given a 2 move start,before any Zulus appeared-this was calculated,so that they reached the farm,and deployed prior to the Zulu attack!

British,happily deployed in Farm,awaiting any passing Zulus(correct plural of Zulu is amaZulu)-what is Brian doing??-his left horn attack is just developing.

The right horn is now in position!

And now that the centre is in position,it would be churlish not to attack!!!!!!!!

And attack we certainly did-in grand style,gaining some victories and suffering some defeats!

Final shot,showing the Zulus about to wipe out the garrison!!
There were a few small things that need to be sorted out (no,Brian not that small thing,now put it away,you're frightening the children!!) before we roll the game out for Border Reiver on the 5th September,at Gateshead Stadium.

Roll on Thursday.

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