Monday, 10 August 2015

Po Valley 50AD

Our Sunday night "romp" saw us in Northern Italy,pitting Romans against Germans and Gauls-Paul drew the short straw and was Roman commander,Brian was in charge of his Germans and I was in charge of my Gauls(no laughing at that unintended joke!!)

Scenario and table lay-out-the village in the distance is being attacked by Brian as the game started,and Paul is still moving the right hand cohorts into position-every now and then we employ "random movement dice" to simulate the possible tribal rivalries that could result in one tribe or warband "sitting on the fence" until they deem it right to advance and take on the enemy-well last night we used the random movement dice.On the first move,all of my Gauls refused to move,as did the Germans!!this gave Paul loads of time to get into position!

During the "lull" the locals leave the burning town!

Brian's Germans attacking the village-it took 4 moves for them to get into the village,which he then burned-hurrah!!(unless you're a villager!!)

Brian's "blood-crazy" Germans start their attack,however the Romans were standing firm,awaiting them with a bolt-throwing machine and of course the dreaded pila!!

The Roman left flank troops,standing calm awaiting the German onslaught.

On the other flank,equally resolute Romans line up awaiting my Gauls,who were still being "tardy" to say the least!!

Even when we did eventually get stuck in,we just "bounced" like Rubber Balls(Gauls-get it?)
this was not going to be easy!!

Drastic times calls for drastic action,so here you can see a combined Germano/Gallic assault taking place-but guess what?-yes,it failed dramatically!!!woe is us!

The Romans are pushing the Germans and Gauls back towards the stream in this shot-it was plain to see that we had been well and truly beaten!

One final photo of the chaotic shambles!!-Brian did ask for a draw but was politely refused with a two finger gesture!!!!Ah well there's always another day....Thursday to be precise!
There will only be Brian and I as Paul is putting on his party frock,and getting out his dancing shoes that night!


  1. Good stuff again - those villagers add a nice touch.

    1. Cheers Caliban,I'm getting tired of losing-I'll have to "set up" Paul with a scenario he just can't win!!

  2. I know what you mean! Having said that, I don't mind losing as the Romans...

  3. Oh! so defending a farm with a beleaguered British column against every Zulu who ever lived seems to have be forgotten ha ha!
    They clobbered me good and proper like........