Friday, 28 August 2015

Battling Tanks-the first game.

Last night I decided to test out the Battling Tanks,putting a bit of a competitive edge,onto just driving them around the table and shooting at each other.
Only Paul was available (Brian's gone fishing!) so whether he wanted to or not,he was coerced into playing,what turned out to be,a very amusing and tactically interesting set of games-6 in total!!

Yoo Hoo!!this is me in my Tiger Tank,waving at Paul,in his Abrahams Tank.......

Yoo Hoo,this is Paul in his Abrahams Tank,waving at me in my Tiger Tank-this is now getting silly!!

I set the table up,with ruined houses etc. and trees,each marked with a letter,A-G,we each had to verbally state which piece of terrain we were going for(within a 3 foot radius),then move to it.
There was no firing on the first moves,but after that we could either fire and then move,or move and then fire,trying to destroy the other's tank-simple,or was it?-how two grown and experienced men couldn't work out which was left and which was right,is beyond belief!!
The problem was,of course,that to turn right,you had to push the left track lever on the controls-this proved beyond our capabilities,resulting in  a swear-fest of unimaginable proportions!!-great fun,and a great way to unwind.

A study of total concentration,as Paul manages to hit one of the houses,and loses a track!!

The coast seems to be clear of enemy tanks!-Paul was great at "hiding" his tank so my infra-red beam couldn't  hit him-and it must be pointed out that,at one stage,he managed to fire his gun through a window of the ruins and hit me!!-the man's a genius(or,as we suspect anyway,in league with the devil!!)

This is Paul,doing "running repairs" to his tank,which seemed to lose it's tracks at an alarming rate,due to erratic turning!!
All in all,a good night,certainly something different-roll on Sunday,probably a Marlburian,which will include Dave-hurrah!!
By the way,I won the battle of the tanks!!


  1. You lads are now starting to show off a bit. What next, General Jumbo?
    That is if you are of sufficient age to remember the comic character who had robotic toy soldiers.
    Looked fun.

    1. Hi Robbie,unfortunately I do remember General Jumbo,and his army of tanks and soldiers-in the Eagle Comic I think(?)-it was fun and different!!
      see you at Border reiver.

  2. That's brilliant!, I've been looking forward to this. Imagine four or five aside or a big free for all.

    1. Hi Paul,it was good fun,but so frustrating when the damned things won't go in the one direction(get it?) you want them to go-I put it down to an "age thing"-or is it just incompetence?