Friday, 14 August 2015

Painting update-Zulu War

We are putting on a demo. game at Border Reiver show,5th September,and because it is going to be a Zulu War game,I thought I'd better look at the figures we are going to use,just to make sure I have enough!!-well,as it turned out I needed another 6 figures to supplement the 6 I already have,of the dis-mounted element of my Mounted Infantry.
So,being a great fan of Warrior Miniatures in Glasgow,I duly ordered the 6 figures plus an officer figure on Saturday,from their Zulu War range-they duly arrived on Tuesday morning!!-now that's good going,and great customer service.

There was no "flash" at all on any of the figures,the only thing I had to do was prise the right arm away from the body and attach the rifle-the officer figure is a real "gem"-full of character.

After sticking the figures to their painting bases,I under-coated them in white(I can't get away with black under-coating somehow!) and started the painting process,main colours first.

I think that there's always a point when painting figures that they come to "life",and this is the point when I really started to enjoy these ones.

Coming along nicely-I hate painting cross-belts on figures,basically because I haven't got the skill,or steady hand,but I managed to get these ones on ok.

A rear view-they don't stand close inspection,but I'm quite happy with them-all I've got to do now is get them onto the bases with the other figures!!

There they are,on their new bases-the prone figures are old(and I mean "old") Mini-Figs.
The finished articles look good(to me!) so roll on Border Reiver.

Final shot of the completed base,from above.All the paints I use are from Games Workshop,and the brush is a very expensive Winsor and Newton,series 7 @ £9!!!

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