Friday, 21 August 2015

Romans vs Britons

Last night Brian and I had an Ancients game involving Romans,commanded by Brian,and Britons commanded by me-however after the game disaster struck!! I was "fannying about" with my camera(editing the photo's) and managed to delete most of the photographs I took!!
So, here are the ones I didn't delete!!

This is a rough map of the terrain we played over-Brian was to capture the settlement,in the left hand corner of the map,and beat the British tribes ranged against him-what he didn't know was that I had a hidden force situated between the two right hand mountains!!

This shot was taken about move number two,and shows both sides moving forward to engage!
I was moving slowly,hoping to get the Romans to show their flank to my hidden troops-sneaky!

After a number of unsuccessful attempts to get into the settlement,Brian did get in and proceeded to burn this very "Des. Res."

As the Romans advanced on my left flank,I attacked them and won a couple of melees,thus creating a gap,which I am just about to exploit with my chariots-this was successful,and I won the flank(but not the settlement!)

My "hidden" troops have exposed themselves (dirty devils!) much to Brian's "chagrin"-with these troops I won this flank too-however Brian won in the centre,and with the settlement in flames,we concluded that a draw was the fairest result!
Too bad I couldn't show all of the action(and there was a good amount of it!) but it will teach me not to mess with technology!!
I have spent a good deal of time this week organising and planning two important games-
The first is the game we are putting on at Border Reiver Show-a Zulu War game,and the second is an all day affair involving Charlie Wesencraft's group and ourselves,and hopefully Robbie Roddis' group,re-fighting the battle of Ramillies 1706,on the 10th October in a local Church Hall-I hope all goes to plan!!
Roll on Sunday,Paul will be with us after his trip down south.


  1. Afternoon Bill,
    This looked a very interesting game,with some nice ideas.
    By the way, can you get in touch as I know nothing about Ramilles, but would be very interested in the game.

    1. Hi Robbie-we will see you at Border Reiver and discuss details,but we are looking forward to gaming with you and your "club" as well as Charlie's club
      johnc(william or if you like Bill!!!)