Friday, 15 January 2016

2nd Battle of Plum Tree Farm-2015.

By way of a change,and following the club's recent" upsurge" of interest in WW2 and all things "Tanky",I thought I would involve Brian and Paul in my take on modern wargaming and introduce them to my "solo" rules,to see what improvements they need to make when they eventually come to knocking up a set of WW2 rules,together with Dave,Graham and Richard.
I originally fought this game back in December 2014,so had the scenario and terrain already written out.

This is how the table looked before any troops were put on it-as the defender,all my troops were hidden,and cards showing "infantry","tank" or "anti-tank gun" were placed in all the obvious places for defence(ie woods,fields,farm house etc.) but face down so that even I didn't know what was where!!-Brian and Paul were then given an intelligence report ,and from that report they had to make a plan of attack-the objective was to capture the Farm.

Paul is putting in a heavy attack on the Eastern field,where I had a tank-as you can see it burns nicely!!!-I also have an infantry squad in the field itself.

My tank behind the barn has "exposed" itself(now,now!!) because the "seeing" distance was deemed to be 2 of our measuring sticks(about 300mm)-you can see a card in the farmhouse,which hasn't been spotted yet.
Brian is engaging the troops around the Western field and woods.

As Paul is pushing my Eastern troops backwards,I turned over the cards in the woods,and one of them was an Anti-tank gun-hurrah!!(scratch built and crap,but it did the job!) which stopped his leading tank,with just a little bit of help from the bazooka attached to the infantry also in the woods.

This is a general view of the table showing the various actions,and Brian and Paul's battle plan "unraveling" at an alarming rate!!-should have sent the infantry in before the tanks!

The shot of the day!!Brian managed to destroy one of my tanks with this lucky shot-the swine!

My Western infantry,now devoid of tank support,is being attacked by Brian's infantry,who he is supporting with another squad-time for me to retire(oh,I already am!!) and admit defeat.

One final photo,showing the state of both armies-technically I have won because the farm is still in my hands,but realistically,I have only the infantry in the farm left!!!
This was an enjoyable game,giving Paul and Brian something to think about,as far rules go.
Roll on Sunday,we will be fighting the 3rd Battle of Plum Tree Farm,but using English Civil War figures!!-It must be pointed out that all the figures used in the above game were bought from the "pound shop" and cost £5 for 10 tanks and 100 infantry!!


  1. Those Pound Shop miniatures have a charm all of their own. For the price and what can be achieved with them it sure is amazing value for money!

    I think the whole thing looks brilliant and I would have loved to have played :)

    1. Hi Roy,you would be welcome at any time.
      My next door neighbour is based at Catterick,he's a Colonel in the T.A. he has shown an interest,but so far hasn't played.

    2. Thank you for the offer, its much appreciated. Travelling would be my issue though, as I don't drive.
      I'll probably see you all at a NE show in the near future and say hello.
      Thanks again, Roy

    3. Hi Roy,we hope you do come over and introduce yourself,and have a bit of a natter!